About Us

      Thanks for your interest in our company! Creative Touch Landscapes began as Nolt Landscaping in 2007. Our Father, Irwin Nolt has been in horticulture and plant retail sales ever since boyhood. He enjoyed working with growing plants and soil and instilled the same desire in each of his sons. As each son came to working age he needed to expand his business to be able to keep them all profitably employed. So for a few years he operated Nolt Nursery and Nolt Landscaping. As time elapsed it became apparent that the installs and the retail were really two separate companies. So in 2012 Nolt Landscaping moved up the road to its own property along Colebrook Road. At this time we changed the name from Nolt Landscaping to Creative Touch Landscapes to differentiate the installs from the retail. Then in 2013 Irwin's two oldest sons took ownership of Creative Touch. Timothy Nolt and Brian Nolt are now looking forward to assisting you in your projects!


     Our Commitment to you is quality, service, and satisfaction

       - The partners,

                  Timothy Nolt                                   Brian Nolt